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Achieve Unity at an Apocalyptic Stag or Hen do!

There's nothing quite like an apocalypse to bring a bunch of strangers together right? Hi! I'm Jim, back at the home of the zombie with some more Zombie Experience related topics! I've got a real spicy one this week! Have you ever returned from a particularly good night out with an unexpected infection?

Its are not the only one! Luckily help is at hand to sort out that nasty rash!

So you have the unenviable task of being asked to be a Best Man/Matron of honour. Big responsibility!

You have to write a best man speech (I'm not helping you with this one) and you have to plan the Stag/Hen do! Where do you head to first? Well it should be "Where is The Biggest Zombie Experience Company Around!"

If you perform an internet search 'Stag Do Ideas' you will be inundated with companies trying to help you arrange your perfect Stag or Hen do. I've just performed a similar search and the first ad that appears offers over 5000 different Stag do ideas! 5000!!! Who has time to go through that? Ever been to a restaurant with a 20 page menu to select from. It's rather silly or 'fucking terrible' as Gordon Ramsey would put it.

So scroll down a bit, past the Stag Do and Hen Do middle men and you get to the same old listings. Climbing, Go-carting, Paintballing. All great pass-times but all been done before! I've been on a few of these events myself and they are always fun but always the same old thing. Some people love it and others can't wait for it to be over...During one Stag Do I went on, half of the people left the paintball arena during the event because they got bored of being shot over and over again!

Nobody ever walks out of a Zombie Infection Stag/Hen event! Well that's not technically true... People do shit themselves in the first five minutes of our Zombie Experiences. But no one leaves because they're bored! Everyone is placed at the heart of the action to ensure all have a great time soddened pants or not! A Zombie Infection event keeps you immersed in a 'real-life video game' as you navigate infected locations trying to save yourselves and of course the world! The events are thrilling and if you survive the adventure you will have plenty of last memories, plus a photo or two of the stag/hen crying in front of our zombie hordes to use in the best man or maid of honour speech!

The best thing about one of these events is that everyone in your Stag or Hen group can participate on equal terms. Sure there are fitter people, people with stronger nerve or whatever, but everyone who completes a Zombie Infection experience leaves feeling like a hero! Everyone will bring down the undead, complete escape room style puzzles, interact with characters and ultimately, provided they make it, be in the photos!

If you are struggling to write the afore mentioned speech these events will inspire you!

I first came across Zombie Infection whilst on a Stag Do. Along with a group of 15 others, most of which I didn't know before hand, I completed 'The Factory 1.0' in the old Stanley Tools Factory in Sheffield. It was brilliant and we all agreed that it was the best Stag event we had been on (#teamgypsie). It was a great bonding experience and gave a group of relative strangers something to talk about at the wedding reception!

Since then Zombie Infection events have evolved (they hired me for a start) the main driver of this evolution has been its success! With thousands of 5 Star reviews over several websites and social media platforms its clear that we are getting it right! Your Best Men and Women out there can be confident that you have made a good choice if you book a Zombie Stag Do or a Hen Do of the Living Dead! Its great value too with discounts for group bookings for events up and down the country and we know what we are doing! We handle groups of all sizes and run events with anything up to 25 people so we know how to get everyone involved in the action!

Disclaimer! We cannot guarantee that you will all survive the experience so please protect the Stags and Hens!

If you have a particularly large group or have a theme or location already in mind we also offer bespoke events. You can hire the hoard to attend the function of your nightmares or we can work with you to plan a special event at one of our 7 haunted locations and with sites up and running in York, Sheffield, Liverpool, Manchester, Nottingham, Shepton Mallet (Somerset) and Basingstoke you shouldn't have to travel far to reach us!

You could also get the Bride/Groom the ultimate couples gift; Captain's Memberships! These great value passes allow the holders to complete any of our regular undead events at and of our locations for a full 12 month period! Couples that slay together, stay together after all!

Or as the perfect wedding gift, take a look at our Zombie Experience Gift Cards for Two. It'll be the best present on the table we guarantee!


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