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Zombie Infection have been running immersive zombie experiences for 8 years placing thousands of guests in 2 hour blockbuster events across the country. This year Zombie Infection and Insomnia Gaming Festival have teamed up to bring a taster of these award winning live experiences to i72!

So it's time to make the drop, arm yourselves up and aim for the head, this is a mission you can not afford to miss!

PLEASE NOTE - You must have a valid entry ticket for Insomnia Gaming Festival that matches your zombie experience date in order to take part. All ticket sales are final and are non-refundable.

Tickets for the main i72 show entry can be purchased here!

Our hordes of live zombie actors are hungry and ready to go! If you are a game, film or action fan then this experience will tick all your boxes. Here's what you'll get up to!

You'll have to stop the checkpoint from being over run and prevent the external doors from opening via lockdown switches before the timer hits zero and the whole world becomes infected! Live SFX zombies will make your task a daunting one as they hunt you across our unique CQB game zone.

Each participant will arm themselves with one of Zombie Infection patented "Railguns". These systems are specifically designed to take down the infected! Fancy some additional help? Upgrade your rifle with a torch and laser sight for additional accuracy.

The game will end with a final "Show Down" with the winning teams getting a victory picture in our "i72 Hall of Maim!" and a chance to win some experience tickets!

Limited edition t-shirts and merchandise available... if you survive that is...

New Pricing Structure for i72! (choose session to amend pricing!)

PEAK 12pm - 4.30pm
Adult Survivor Ticket (15+) - £15pp
Young Survivor Ticket (under 15) - £12pp
Optional Upgrades (Torch & Laser!) - £5 per system

SAVER 11am - 12pm & 4.30pm - 5.30pm
Adult Survivor Ticket (15+) - £12pp
Young Survivor Ticket (under 15) - £10pp
Optional Upgrades (Torch & Laser!) - £5 per system

The experience will span a 20-30 minute mission approximately*. Sessions will run every 15 minutes from the 29th - 31st March 2024. Tickets available on the day but we recommend booking your time slot now to avoid disappointment. Choose your date and time from the booking calendar and then add your upgrades on the next screen!

We can't wait to eat....errr we mean meet you this Easter! Head over to our social channels below for the latest news, videos and sneak peaks.

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