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How do you fancy getting paid to scare the hell out of the general public all year?

Zombie Infection place thousands of guests in 2 hour, award winning immersive theatre experiences every weekend of the year and now you can become part of this double award winning team. Our cast a crew are strategically picked and trained to ensure all our guests have the greatest adventure when taking part. This training includes SFX makeup, stunt basics and many other live performance skills!

In return we'll ask you to give it everything you've got on event weekends, help and support your fellow cast and always aim to give guests the greatest experience possible.

Below are a few things you'll need to know before signing up for a trial!

1. Can you commit?
Zombie Infection are the UK's premium experience company. To meet such high standards we require all our staff to commit to at least one shift every month (a Saturday). We'd like you to commit to more, but understand this isn't always possible, so our minimum commitment to become part of the team is one Saturday a month.

If you are not ready to commit fully then please do not apply! There are no exceptions to the above. Its fully in or fully out buccos!


All submitted, we'll be in touch!
We can't wait to EAT.... erm we mean meet, you!

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