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Cost: £99.99 per person
Duration: 2 Hours (approx.)
Location: Portsmouth

Zombie Infection is coming to an end in MAY 2024, this is your last chance to grab yourself an experience at the UK's award winning, most immersive, kick ass zombie experience!

What's involved?

- 2 Hours (approx) of award winning immersive entertainment.
- A story driven experience
- Chances to work in your team or go it alone!
- Solve puzzles whilst keeping an eye out for enemies!
- We'll arm you up with realistic weapons that can be upgraded!
- Set in a real fort, complete with underground tunnels & battlements.
- Film realistic SFX zombies that'll hunt you down.
- Upon survival photos with cast and crew!

- Book your place for just £20pp upon checkout! Pay when ready.

- Voted "Best UK Zombie Experience 2018, 2020 & 2022"
- More than 2000 5* reviews!


Synopsis Chapter 3:- "Harvertech have had to use extreme measures to keep the Rebel threat in sector Delta from escalating. Welcome to Rura Penthe a brutal underground fortress. A place where nothing escapes, until now? Harvertech have been capturing nearby rebel faction leaders and holding them for trial down in the depths of this enormous, cold and bleak structure. Set in the most heavily infected populated area of the country, punishment means exile to the surface where nobody survives against the millions of infected. You're trapped, with seemingly no escape. What will it take to change your fate..."

Zombie Infection have put together a truly immersive performance right from the moment you leave the day light behind! You'll be locked up and asked to solve multiple puzzles if you are to escape. SFX zombie hordes walk these dark and smokey tunnels so you'll need all the skills you have to navigate the fort and the hungry infected. Guns? You'll have to work to find them as the Harvertech guards on patrol are the most ruthless and selfish you'll find in all of our chapters. Lead Guard "Olka" doesn't tend to play by the rules of war...

Perfect for all group sizes, stag/hen parties. Under 18's are aloud but must be accompanied by an adult (no under 15's).

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