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Cost: £99.99 per person
Duration: 2 Hours (approx.)
Location: Nottingham City

Zombie Infection is coming to an end in 2024, this is your last chance to grab yourself an experience at the UK's award winning, most immersive, kick ass zombie experience!

What's involved?

- 2 Hours (approx) of award winning immersive entertainment.
- A story driven experience, you'll be lead around the action by our trained "Zombiverse" characters!
- Chances to work in your team or go it alone!
- Solve puzzles whilst keeping an eye out for enemies!
- We'll arm you up with realistic weapons that can be upgraded for some extra punch!
- Set in the UK's most haunted medieval jail & courtrooms.
- Film realistic SFX zombies that'll hunt you down throughout your mission!
- Upon survival photos with cast and crew!

Synopsis Chapter 6:- "After Harvertech's recent success in expanding the outer quarantine walls of sector Beta, means they have now a large number of Infection Rebel and Old Fashioned faction members to bring to justice. Recently transferred from a re-built Rura Penthe in sector Delta the trials can now take place. The old courthouse and jails will play host to these important moments in Harvertech's history, but how will they play out? The Infection Rebel leaders Logan and Quora aren't going to allow their survivor camps to be torched and bulldozed to make way for unnecessary Harvertech expansion. They are fired up and on their way to the location, but does more than judgement await them?"

The amazing National Justice Museum awaits survivors in Chapter 6 - The Jail. These old courtrooms and underground caves will host one of our most face paced action experiences. You'll get armed up and set 3 objectives along side the Infection Rebel mercenaries. This maze of a venue has it all and will leave you not knowing where to turn next. A big surprise awaits survivors in the basement as an Infection Rebel comrade turned weapon will need your help to change the balance of the war! Can you and your squad achieve this difficult task? We hope so as the fate of the world relies on you!

This venue has limited dates, so don't miss out on chapter 6, once they are gone they are gone! Perfect for all group sizes, stag/hen parties. Under 19's are aloud but must be accompanied by an adult (no under 15's).

2022 - The Jail final.jpg


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