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Valley Of The Dead (2022)

Valley Of The Dead (2022) is quickly becoming the new trending zombie movie on Netflix which everyone is talking about, with it already taking a place on the top 10 trending list after only a day of release. But does this film contain all the blood, guts and horror we desire or does it leave us with another trending zombie film which will be forgotten 28 Days Later?

The plot and storyline is nothing new to the zombie genre as it takes place within the Spanish Civil War with infected Nazis roaming the land, which has also been seen in movies such as Dead Snow.

The Valley Of The Dead takes a much more light-hearted approach to a zombie outbreak as it tries to combine comedy. However, The Valley Of The Dead never strolls too far into becoming a comedy, similar to Shaun Of The Dead. It appears this movie was thieving for something unique where watchers can experience the tense situations while being able to also have a laugh along with the characters. Despite there being a few comical moments; the movie played on simple humour which relied on mostly stereotypes which quickly became overdone. The Russian character portrayed as tough and scary while the off joke was made about how much Vodka he would drink or maybe the young, skinny solider who was a cowardly virgin comes to mind.

With this being said, for any hardcore zombie fans; I believe this movie is a miss. But if you are just looking for something easy to watch, this might be a movie for you. Low-budget movies tend to go over the top with blood and gore in an attempt to overshadow the other issues, consequently, losing the effect and shock of the gorier moments. The Valley Of The Dead restrains itself from flooding the movie with unnecessary gore leaving more shock when they do venture out and use gore.

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