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Sex, Seduction & Shaun!

I'm Tia! Zombie Infection's NEW Community Manager! You may soon see me all over the ZI social channels! I can't wait to send you some amazing behind the scenes content! But first, Meg and I delve deep into what we're going to watch tonight on Valentines day! If you are not one for romantic comedies and would much rather watch a movie with some action, we have the perfect option for zombie fans this Valentine's night! Snuggle in to watch Shaun of the Dead! You’ll get the perfect mix of romance, comedy and zombies all in one! What’s not to love?

If you haven’t seen Shaun of the Dead before, where on earth have you been?! This film is a go-to for all zombie comedy fans! As the movie progresses, we watch Shaun go from acting like the undead himself as he monotonously moves through his life and relationships to being thrown into an apocalypse in less than 24 hours. This event would completely change his perspective on his life and relationship priorities. Before the dead rose, most of his relationships were overshadowed by the long term bromance between him and childhood friend, Ed. Edgar Wright marketed it as a “Rom Zom Com”, perfect for zombie fans wanting to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Shaun of The Dead has several parallels to video games- each character has strengths and weaknesses that either benefit or cause a detriment to the survivor team. At every stage they must overcome challenges, complete tasks and ultimately stay alive. As it is a comedy film, these tasks were carried out with varying degrees of success. From pretending to be the undead to blend in, to beating up a zombie in time with a Queen classic, each task was portrayed on screen with comedic relief thanks to Ed’s schoolboy errors. It even has a couple of characters that are made out to be the villains of the story- Pete and his constant degrading remarks towards the friendship Ed and Shaun share, and David with his toxic jealousy of Liz and Shaun’s romantic relationship. These negative characteristics, specifically David's, have a negative impact on the morale and cohesion of the group, which could put the group in mortal danger.

If the world was to descend into a zombie apocalypse, could people really come closer together like Shaun and Liz did towards the end of the film? When in a high pressure situation we often turn to someone for advice, moral support and comfort. This can be in extremely stressful moments or when hugging up to your friends/lovers in a tense moment of a horror movie. The adrenaline that goes through our veins when we watch a character walk closer to certain doom can leave you gripping the arm of the person next to you like it's a stress ball. It's moments like these that push people together as they share strong emotions together and makes their relationship stronger. Maybe a horror or a zombie apocalypse is what we need to make love blossom?

Not feeling like a cosy night in as a way to celebrate your love, Why not be in the action yourself? See what you and your partner would do in a zombie apocalypse. Are you going to save yourself or would you sacrifice yourself to save the person you love most? Test it out in our fully immersive zombie experience! book tickets now to put your love to the test!


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