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The Zombie Vaccine Has Arrived!

Zombie Experience For Two Special Offer!

Welcome to the UK’s biggest supplier of premium Zombie Experiences now a two time in three years award winning team! You’ve come to the right place if you are looking for the ultimate undead action blockbuster.

No expense has been spared in these 2/3 hour immersive theatrical productions placing you at the center of an apocalypse with an upgraded weapon in a number of iconic, haunting and atmospheric locations across the UK.

Take on our huge abandoned steelworks Factory in Sheffield or visit ‘The Workshop’ and pick your side at this abandoned Prison venue! Which ever mission you choose we have the complete zombie experience package for you, your family and friends at the very best value. This gift card allows TWO chosen survivors access to one of our award winning missions across the UK. It is the perfect gift for anybody looking for something unique this Christmas or special occasion. With more than 1000 5* reviews and loads of amazing venues to choose from across the country, they'll be nothing but pumped you got them this awesome gift!

Has The Zombie Pfizer Vaccine Hit Our Shores!?

With the Pfizer vaccine announced this week what could it mean for us in the New Year? We can all wait in hope that the new vaccine will in time produce a zombie apocalypse like no other! We'll be here ready and waiting with 7 amazing venues blocked up and ready to receive civilians off the streets of the UK! Check them all out here and pick you think might be best to close up shop! Zombie Experiences in the UK


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