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Infectious or Infection? - The Last of Us TV series

Hey! It's me Dizzy, resident Zombie Infection streamer! You may have read my post about the announcement of The Last of Us coming to TV back in May last year (if you haven't you can read it here.) HBO have recently released their very first glimpse of the series which you can watch below.

I am a HUGE fan of The Last of Us franchise; having played both the first and second game over on our Twitch Channel. So, of course the announcement initially had me VERY excited. Why wouldn't I want to relive such a fantastic story in full HD without the worry of having enough ammo to kill the next Bloater that I run into.

I have watched another series very recently based on a horror video game (I bet you can see where I am headed with this) which reminded me that, in my opinion, no horror video game has ever been made into a film or TV show that is worth watching.

Of course, you guessed it, I watched the Netflix series "Resident Evil". Now I won't give any major spoilers here just in case you are still planning on wasting a few hours of your free time watching this abomination. But no Resident Evil film, tv series, game, whatever should feature the main protagonist dancing to Dua Lipa, it is beyond absurd. Not only that, but the main "heroine" makes the most ridiculously stupid decisions on the planet. I could rant about how terrible it was all day, but I digress. I didn't think it could possibly get worse than the Resident Evil movies but Netflix have certainly raised the bar.

Then I remembered another "horror video game - come movie": Silent Hill. I suffered through that one Halloween at the cinema in 3D! Luckily the terrible adaptations of both of these games hasn't ruined my love for the actual games themselves! So at least we can safely say I may as well give the TLOU TV series a shot.. right?

I mean, this series is being made by HBO so it HAS to be good. I adored Game of Thrones so much I decided to name my daughter after one of the characters. They can certainly master the CGI side of things, and I am damn sure looking forward to seeing the Clickers. Not only that, they have cast some fabulous actors to play Ellie (Bella Ramsey - GOT), Joel (Pedro Pascal - GOT), and Bill (Nick Offerman - Parks & Rec). Maybe there is hope yet! Only time will tell.

What's your prediction? Will it be the upcoming Last of Us series be infectious or an infection which should be avoided?

Now don't get me started on why they have decided The Last Of Us game needs to be remade this soon when Naughty Dog could be making the third game, or another Horror game for me to play, we will be here all day.

In the meantime, if you fancy watching us play some of our favourite horror games that help us keep inspired for own immersive zombie experiences at Zombie Infection; be sure to tune into our Twitch channel Tuesday-Friday at zombieinfection.


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