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DAY 07 ZI Podcast - "Sh*t The Venues on Fire"

10 years have passed, welcome to the world of survival horror.......


DAY 07 - Whats in this weeks show?

In this week's podcast Greg tells us about an embarrassing story involving a guest a wheel chair and well... an awkward oversight... Lucy Can't stop starring at the screen and they lists almost every venue they have recreated a zombie experience in, including a shopping mall, ship, forest, courthouse and prison! They discuss:- Last weeks event, Zombie Experience Chapter 4 The Boathouse - Liverpool Every event they can remember and where it took place Embarrassing stories from the front line! They have a laugh and get back on track, so jump in a join them for 30 minutes this week!


Who the hell are these people?

Hi, my name is Greg Rudman and I'm the Director and Owner of the UK's (possibly thew world's) largest zombie experience company. Zombie Infection place thousands of guests in zombie apocalypse scenarios all year round and I'm here to give you some insight into what it takes to not only run these scenarios, but what it takes to run an immersive experience company in challenging times. I've trained over 500 industry professionals and helped 100,000+ survivors make their way through the apocalypse. I've designed and developed 100's of experiences an am humble to have received multiple industry awards through my immersive experience career. Now its time to share some stories, have some fun and look back (and forwards!) recapping some great moments in time. I'll be joined by my girlfriend Lucy Harverson, who has worked as one of our lead actors for 5 years and is now one of our Event Managers. She has a background in on screen combat and has survived alongside me since taking full control of the business back in 2018. We'll be discussing everything to do with zombies, zombie culture, survival tactics, running a unique business as well as stories from our past. Trust me when I say there are some good ones! As you can imagine running around shooting zombies is not your normal 9-5!

The podcasts will last around 30 minutes and will be available to download soon. In the mean time, our blog and social channels are the place to catch it LIVE and unfiltered! Facebook - Instagram - @official_zombieinfection TikTok - @official_zombieinfection

If you have any questions, would like to sponsor or even feature on the show please do feel free to get in touch at We can't wait to take you on this journey with us. We hope you enjoy! Greg & Lucy


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