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Zombie Experiences - Face The Fear

Welcome to the home of zombie experiences in the UK. With all kinds of zombie experiences spread over many awesome locations across the country, you're never far from the time. With movie grade special effects make-up and professional horror actors bringing the events to life, our zombie experiences will be something you never forget. Suitable for individual or group bookings, now is the time to not only face, but to experience, the fear!



A Zombie Experience is an immersive horror experience set in a zombie apocalyptic world. Those worlds can very from venue to venue and event to event, and you can meet different characters in each but the one constant is zombies!

But what is an immersive horror experience? It is a plot driven event, so there is a storyline, and actors playing characters (both good guys and bad) who will guide you through the experience helping the plot unfold. Generally in a Zombie Experience at some point early in the event you will be given a weapon (this might be paintball, airsoft, laser weaponry or specialized realistic looking and feeling blank firing guns, it depends again on the venue and event and the zombie threat explained or foreshadowed. Then, it depends on how the story line unfolds as to how you will find yourself taking on the undead. There could even be some living bad guys to overcome as well.

Last but not least, most of these events will also include some kind of escape room style challenges (but don't worry they will be set up so that the adrenaline keeps pumping and the action never stops!). You can check out our information pages under the Zombie Experiences to read more about what each event does or doesn't include, as we have outlined all of that and more for each and every event offered.


The zombie infection is upon us. Right across the country, outbreaks are threatening to engulf society as we know it. The government tried to contain the situation covertly. They failed.

Now it is time for everyday citizens to become EPIC and help combat the emerging situation, to prevent the zombification of the entire nation. Each location presents its own challenges, missions and rewards. Each will require nerves of steel and a willingness to face the unexpected. Often. The only thing to do now, is to decide which of our zombie experiences you are going to try first! So whether you're a lone warrior, or part of a crack team of mates, there can be no more doubts, no more delaying and no more excuses: it's time to face the fear!


Each location has its own distinct vibe, with a plot that works with the venue to give you the best possible immersive horror experience that we can.

Depending on the venue, there will be 18-30 people in total, all working together to battle the walking dead and hopefully complete the missions.

These events are immersive horror experiences so you can expect an event that aims to make a zombie apocalyptic world come alive (or is that undead?) for you. You will become part of a story, a character trying to survive in an undead world.

Please check individual Zombie Experience Pages here for more information on weapons, timings and what to expect at that particular venue.


Each venue has it’s own age limit, but generally speaking the majority require participants to be 18 years old. The key exceptions are the York - The Dungeon & Basingstoke - The Complex, which have a minimum age limit of 14, and the Dungeons in York which have a minimum age of 12. Please be aware that for all of these events with lower minimum age requirements there will still often be a requirement to either have an adult accompanying or a waiver form signed by a guardian.

Please refer to the zombie experience page that interests you for the minimum age for that venue and event.


We have helped thousands of people enjoy a zombie experience and many of those came as groups of all sizes. So if you are a small band of friends needing some help to find a session that can fit you in, or a stag/hen party wanting to celebrate the upcoming day in style, then we have options!

We have also worked with numerous corporate clients who we have helped with team building sessions through to major events. And in case you were wondering, yes we can also assist if you need to hire some zombies for a product launch or media promotion.

Just get in touch at


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