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The Walking Dead - Isle of the Dead

When the news of a Walking Dead spin off first broke it was met with curiosity, excitement and frustration. Some fans are excited for the new series, whereas others don't see the point in it or don't want Maggie in the picture at all! Hi Meg and Ash here reacting to the latest Walking Dead news!

Currently there are 2 established spin offs that had varying degrees of success, a rumoured Daryl and Carol spin off is in the pipeline; and 3 Rick Grimes movies that seemed to have disappeared into the wind. The Walking Dead universe has expanded further than anyone could have imagined and we can't help but wonder how much further they can go.

When The Walking Dead first hit screens in 2010 it was unlike anything ever seen before. It brought the zombie genre to the forefront of modern media and introduced it to a new audience. Thanks to this new exposure it quickly became one of the most popular shows on TV.

Every season brought about new challenges and villains for the group of survivors to face. From Shane to The Governor, Negan to The Whisperers, the threat grew with every new foe and with it came great losses. The entire team did a fantastic job balancing staying true to the comics and throwing in curveballs to keep fans on their toes.

Because of the huge impact the show has had, spin-off shows were almost guaranteed. Fear The Walking Dead now has 7 seasons and has done well, whereas The Walking Dead World Beyond only had 2 seasons and poorer ratings. The idea of a spin off with Negan and Maggie is good. In recent seasons the relationship

between Maggie and Negan has grown from resentment to working together to take down a greater evil.

The fact they have decided to go with two of the most powerful characters in the storyline gives us hope, however they've already dived into their past and back stories so curiosity has got the best of us here. Is it going to be a constant battle between the two of them? IsNegan going to go back to his old ways and build up to a giant showdown to end the tension between the two, or are they going to work together and bigger villains are on their way? Our minds are going wild over here!

Because of this a spin-off would work well, as long as the writers give the characters good storylines and character development; instead of falling into the same trap as the main show, which is a constant loop of events. One example is after the prison arc. The group were thrown into a devastating conflict, separated, slowly found each other again, decided on where to go next and moved on. They then landed in Terminus and the cycle repeated again.

When it comes to promotion they are good at not giving much away. All we have to go off is their first promo poster with the classic quote 'Don't Open Dead Inside' along with the New York Skyline. The big apple!! Are we going to see Daryl make an appearance? What about Carol fighting off some of the undead on top of the empire state building?

It's sad that The Walking Dead series is coming to an end and some of the characters we've all grown to love and take this journey with may not be with us for much longer. (I don't know about you guys but I've never cried so much over the years of a TV series, right in the feels man!)

But one thing is for certain, the cast are definitely excited for this new venture. Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Negan) has quoted - 'Its gonna turn what you think you know… on its ass. That's a promise. A bold new vision.'

I mean, I would follow that man anywhere. So NYC here we come! We'll be keeping our eyes peeled and glued to the screen to see if anymore clues get released to this 2023 build up that's for sure!

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