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Could Call Of Duty Players Survive a Real Life Zombie Infection?

Have you ever played a zombie game and wondered what it would be like fighting in a real-life zombie apocalypse? After years of training; do you think you could survive the real-life zombie apocalypse?

Reminiscing about the classic Call Of Duty Zombies games, such as the Black Ops franchise, our Zombie Infection events are interesting to compare! Being in the action, present and feeling the tension build as you feel yourself running out of breath from running away to survive; is quite a different experience from playing in the comfort of your own room. However, there are a few, surprisingly, similar elements that crop up in both:

- Like our favourite zombie video game, Zombie Infection offers the opportunity to upgrade their weapon systems which in turn provides benefits throughout their apocalyptic journey. This weapon system upgrades includes a torch and a laser. The Touch can enhance navigation through darker areas of the venues where infected could be lurking and the laser can offer improved aim for more headshots!

- Like Call Of Duty, the ultimate goal is survival. Customers must conserve their weapon systems and energy in order to survive till the end where they will, hopefully, be saved.

- With both Call Of Duty and Zombie Infection, there are a variety of apocalyptic scenarios. Call Of Duty Zombies has ‘maps’ in which players can choose the environment that the story is set. Similarly, Zombie Infection has a variety of venues across the UK with different scenarios for customers to battle it out against the infected. These venues can be survived as a one off or to follow a storyline over different chapters.

- The atmosphere is what drives a zombie apocalypse game, created by: the music, jump scares and fast-paced game play. At a Zombie Infection event, imagine the same atmosphere but amplified which takes zombie gaming to a whole new level. You are surrounded by the action with no pause button.

So the next time you play a zombie game and wonder what it would be like being chased by blood thirsty, infected, zombies; book yourself onto a Zombie Infection event and experience it in real life. If you love zombie games make sure to check out our Twitch channel, Zombieinfection, to watch the cast stream their favourite horror games!


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